Gun Trusts

When deciding on which attorney to go with when applying for a gun trust, you need one with the most ...

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Are you having trouble dealing with bill collectors? Are you embarassed about the idea of filing bankruptcy? I can stop your pain TODAY!

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Attorney Timothy P. Macdonald has over 21 years of representing clients in divorce, child custody and family law.

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Criminal Law

If you’re in a pinch and are serious about avoiding time behind bars, do like many other attorneys do when they need advice on their cases: Call Me!

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Foreclosures & Mortgage Loan Modification

Call us for information on mortgage loan modification! If you're confused by the foreclosure process, you're not alone.. I can help.

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Estate Planning

Contact us for a FREE Estate Planning Consultation- If you already have an estate plan in place, do you know for sure that it will work?

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